Glen Staples

Let's take parliament back from the big parties.


Why Vote Independent?

The party system is broken.

The most powerful vote you can cast is for an independent. 

If you elect an MP from one of the parties, that MP will be loyal to their party leader much more than you.

How they vote, what they say, what they support is decided by their leader.

It's not what was intended by the founders of our democratic system.

Let's take back parliament. 


Who I am

Independent Candidate for North Island-Powell River

I grew up on a farm near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. We were poor materially but very rich in experience in a very good family.  We were taught to work hard from a young age in farming and construction. Winning a math contest in high school diverted me to a B.Sc in Mathematics.  I also qualified as a journeyman carpenter. My working life, supporting my amazing wife and 3 children, was balanced between physical, practical work in construction and teaching. 

I worked teaching in Nemiah Valley, Ashcroft, Bella Bella, Fort Resolution and Comox Valley and finally for 13 years at North Island College in Campbell River, Courtenay and Port Alberni.  

My experience in wrestling for University of Calgary, inspired me to introduce the sport and coach teams in Ashcroft, Fort Resolution and Courtenay.  As my children were growing up, I coached each of their soccer teams. 

In construction, I worked in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.  In business, I was involved in competitive non-union construction of prefabricated steel buildings.  I also worked building housing, industrial construction and briefly on pipeline construction in northern Alberta.

My life has been an education in finding  practical solutions to problems that impact a diverse group of people with overlapping common goals, but different mindsets.


My Story in Politics

I have followed politics from Diefenbaker to Trudeau II.  In Ashcroft in the early 80’s I started a group called SAGE(Save A Good Environment) to oppose BC Hydro’s plan to build a coal fired power plant in Hat Creek.  I then realized that good government was essential to achieve the greater good in a holistic way rather than issue by issue. When the Canadian Green Party started in 1983 I quit my job to go work for a party that I thought could transform our society.  I ran as a federal candidate in 1984 in Calgary Centre.  

Between then and now, I have been part of the Social Credit party, Liberals and Conservatives in search of a party in which I could work for positive change. Through this search I realized that it is the system that is broken: parties have become more powerful but less flexible. Instead of the MP’s representing their constituency to the federal government, they represent the party to the local area.

 We need to reboot the system.


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