• Glen Staples

All Candidates Response on Fish Farms

Including mine!

Fish farming has negative effects:

1. Sea lice from fish farms infect young salmon swimming out to sea

2. A disease called PRV can be passed from farmed Atlantic salmon to the wild salmon.

3. The waste from the fish farms pollutes the water.

4. Chemical treatments on farmed fish go into ocean water.

5. Escaped Atlantic salmon from the fish farms may interfere with local fish.

6. Fish farms infringe on space that belongs to all Canadians.

On the other hand fish farming is an industry that employs over 6,000 and brings in over $1 billion in B.C. according to Jeremy Dunn of Marine Harvest.

A perfect consensus is impossible but, on balance, I am in favour of inland fish farms but not farms on wild salmon migration routes.

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